So, there's this thing called the Internet...

Useful Links

The Rosenthal Recipe Resource
Want to dine like a Rosenthal? Or at least, cook like one? Visit our family recipe website. (Fogelin and extended family & friends' recipes are here too!)

Bow Ties
This is a splendid source for sensible neckwear that doesn't hang down your shirt front.

Ellis Island
Search the American Family Immigration Center database, and find out when grandpops really did come over from the Old Country.

Comma or semicolon? Use "which" or "that"? What does a word or phrase really mean? Grammaphobia, with its searchable site, is a splendid source for savvy, no-nonsense, commonsense writing answers.

Turkish Food
How best to satisfy your backlava craving, or stock up on lokum without flying to Istanbul? Order Turkish foods (and other products) from Tulumba.

Chinese Translation
How do you say that in Mandarin Chinese? This online dictionary lets you search in English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters—and offers audio to hear how it should sound.

...and Not So.

En Garde
If pirates suddenly show u at your door demanding booty, are you prepared? Check out the classes at Sheridan Fencing on the Upper East Side for classes.

Peterson's Parodies
Keith Peterson promises "Tomorrow's Songs...Today!" Who could pass up Keith's song parodies? Not I. (This has been a paid promotion.)

BBC Doctor Who
The world's longest running sci-fi program now has a place on the BBC's web site.

Institute of Official Cheer
Tired of unofficial cheer? Visit this page of links, some more amusing than others. Don't miss the "Gallery of Regrettable Food."

Demented Lyrics
No need to wrack your brain trying to remember the words to some obscure Tom Lehrer ditty, or Monty Python's "Camelot" song. Just pop onto this site, and leave your brain un-wracked.

The Web lets you jump randomly from topic to topic. Sort of like an amnesiac at Happy Hour, except without being creepy.